About VACO:


• VACO specializes in accounting, finance, information technology, supply chain, sales & marketing, operations, and human resource talent. 


• VACO supplies interim solutions when a key role is vacated to help keep the workload manageable until the right candidate is identified. 


• VACO assists clients with key talent acquisitions on a contingency basis. 


• VACO provides support to organizations when critical projects need subject matter expertise, project management or additional quality resources to meet deadlines. 


• VACO provides managed service solutions for companies that need a reliable business partner to offload day-to-day management, projects or operations. 


Exclusive Offer to EO Members:

VACO is proud to be an EO sponsor and can support members grow their businesses with quality talent and key skillsets.  Whether looking for a direct-hire, contract or project support, VACO can deliver.  As an EO sponsor, VACO has arranged 20% discounted rates on all of our services. 


How to Reach Us:

Please contact Jerrad Hall at jhall@vaco.com or 713-960-9898 for any additional information.